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Kitchen Science BioBuilders Experiment

Monday, April 19, 2021 at 10Am

Just in time for vacation week, Dr. Racquel Kim Sherwood of BioBuilders will lead an experiment that elementary and middle school students (and their families) can do from their own home! Join Racquel via Zoom for a specially designed experiment on the phenomenon of fluorescence.

To run the experiment, you will need:
  • some household materials (or purchase a prepackaged kit below for $10)
  • a cell phone or other camera to take measurements

You may also purchase your own materials, too! The list is below:

If you would like to gather the materials yourself, here is what you will need:
  • 1 yellow highlighter
  • 2 eppendorf tubes OR a sheet of wax paper
  • 1 eye dropper
  • 1 blue light
  • 1 piece of black construction paper
  • 1 sheet of orange saran wrap
Post your own photos and videos online and tag Central Square Theater’s social media accounts with #ScienceAtHome.
We aim to include all families. If the cost of the kit would prevent you from participating, please email us at

Featured Teaching Scientist

Racquel Sherwood
Racquel Sherwood